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CDP is not currently offering classes and performances.

Discover Where We're Drumming From, Live!
The Chicago Djembe Project Ensemble: African Drumming from the Malinke of West Africa

The Chicago Djembe Project Ensemble, one of Chicago's top traditional djembe groups, performs the intricate, melodic, energetic percussion music of the Malinke people of Guinea, West Africa. You'll love their performances!

The CDP Ensemble (above, at Nichols Park, Chicago, Fall 2004):
Steve Foster,
Bass Drums, Djembe
Jim Banks, Bass Drums, Solo Djembe
Lilian Friedberg,
Leader/Solo Djembe, Bass Drums
Sam Stokes, (not shown) Bass Drums
(shown above, at Nichols Park, Chicago, Fall 2004:
Member Emeritus Walter Afable, Bass
Drums, Djembe)

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The Chicago Djembe Project has appeared at...

Artistic Director Lilian Friedberg is an outstanding Djembe Soloist who has studied and performed with the masters of her instrument on stages in Europe, Africa and North America for over 16 years. Co-Leader Jim Banks is Famoudou Konat�'s "official Sangbanfola" in the U.S.

The CDP Ensemble can bring you full-length concerts or shorter sets. We perform in nightclubs, concert venues, schools, institutions, for community groups and at private functions.

Contact us to book a performance.

Lilian Friedberg, Artistic Director/Instructor
Jim Banks, Manager/Instructor
2849 E. 93rd St. Chicago, IL 60617
t: 773-251-8067 e:

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Lilian Friedberg:
Artistic Director,
Jim Banks: Manager, 2849 E. 93rd St. Chicago, IL 60617
t: 773-251-8067
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