Famoudou Konate, African Djembe Drumming Master from Malinke Tradition of Guinea, West Africa

Thank you to all who supported the Famoudou Konat� workshops from 2000 through 2004. Highlights from all 4 North American tours are coming soon.

FK2K: Famoudou Konat� performing in Portland.

Famoudou Konat� Career Chronology

Born in Sangbarala (near Kouroussa) in Guinea, French West Africa; early music education with Kekoroni Konat�; study of many traditional rhythms of the Malink� people; performances as a drummer in early childhood

Reached the rank of "Djembefola" (djembe soloist) in various ensembles

Les Ballets Africains founded by Sekou Tour�; Konat� First Soloist until 1985
Numerous World Tours with
Les Ballets Africains

Les Ballets Africains' historic performance in the General Assembly Hall of the United Nations in New York City, on the anniversary of the UN's adoption of the Human Rights Declaration
UN performance released on film as "Africa Dances,"
an episode of the UN TV series "International Zone"

Workshops in Conakry, Guinea and Europe; 3-5 months annually in France, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria. Concerts with European musicians. Workshops for African and European musicians in Conakry

"Rhythmen Der Malink�"
released by the Museum Collection Berlin, Dept. of Ethnomusicology in the Ethnological Museum of Berlin; Awarded the German Prize of Record Reviewers

Special appearance in the Mamady Ke�ta film "Djembefola," produced by National Geographic Society France

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European Concert Tour with his own group "Hamana Diara"; concert in Stuttgart broadcast on German radio; concert in Paris broadcast by several stations

Workshops at the Academy of Arts in Berlin; Workshops in the Gambia, West Africa for jazz musicians and educators from the Academy of Arts/Berlin

Awarded an Honorary Degree/Professorship in the field of "African Musical Education and Practice" by the Academy of Arts in Berlin. The first African musician to achieve the rank of professor at a German Institute of higher education

Japanese Concert Tour with Mamady Ke�ta

CD & Book:
"Lieder Und Rhythmen Aus Guin�e"
featuring 1996 recordings from Conakry. Book and CD designed for use in schools

First Buda Musique CD:
"Guin�e: Percussions Et Chants Malink�"
recorded with his ensemble, Hamana Dan Ba

Workshops for non-African students in Sangbarala, Upper Guinea, his place of birth

FK2K: First annual U.S. workshop tour in July 2000, with Mini-Camp workshops in Chicago and Portland, Maine

Second Buda Musique CD: "Hamana F�li Kan,"
recorded in Conakry, Guinea in 2000

FK2K1: Second annual North American workshop tour, with Mini-Camp workshops in Chicago and Toronto

European Concert Tour with his ensemble, Hamana F�li Kan

Third Buda Musique CD:
"Guin�e: Percussions Et Chants Malink� Volume 2,"
from same sessions, with same musicians, as Volume 1

FK2K3: Third annual North American Workshop Tour, with Mini-Camp workshops in Chicago, Toronto, Portland, Maine and Portland, Oregon

Coming in 2004:
FK2K4: Fourth annual North American Workshop Tour

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